How to Make Polychoron Models

Now it's time to learn how to build not polyhedra, but polychoron models - and starry ones at that. First we would need to obtain access to a four dimensional world and get the poster board, 4-D scissors, coloring pencils, glue, and other useful 4-D items - I'll let you figure that one out :). Each page will show spinning GIFs of the piece set and the combo set of each polychoron, some may have other pics. These GIFs came from my Stellachoron zip file of Stella files. There will also be a description of each piece and combo and how you would put the polychoron together.
Example Piece Set Example Combo Set Padohi Slices

Above is an example piece set of a polychoron (padohi), followed by the combo set and slices animation, they were created using Stella4D.

Polychora Currently Available

Padohi - has a moderate difficulty.

Gidipthi - quite simple, but not too simple.

Rissidtixhi - fairly simple, but not too simple.

Stut Phiddix - most of its cells are completely exposed.

Getit Xethi - somewhat challenging.

Affixthi - moderately simple.

Wavathi - fairly simple.

Sisp - fairly simple.

Gidhiquit Paddy - insane, has gaquatids amongst its cells.

Sixathi - challenging, has gaquatids amongst its cells.

Gudap - simple, but tricky.

Ondip - moderate and strange.

Sadixady - moderate and tricky, strange linking nets.

Sphixhi - moderate and intriguing.

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